Choo, CEO to the Wolves

A Thief, A Rouge, A Leader...


Long before his days as a leader, Choo was a simple halfling living in the slums of Karuum. Stealing bread and gold from unsuspecting victims trained Choo at the elegant art of thievery and his failures gave him ample opportunities to escape and conceal himself readily form the townguards. Making him into the halfling thief he is today.

When Choo heard whispers of a sacred artifact that could grant anyone who wields it immortality he set out to find it, only to be captured in Orc lands whilst passing through. He was saved by a beautiful Orc queen that spared his life but sacrificed her title in order to do so. Choo was left to wander aimlessly, returning back to Fallcrest beaten, battered and defeated.

After procuring enough funds (by unscrupulous acts undoubtedly) Choo made the decision to straighten up his act. He started the Wandering Wolves inc. a mercenary group that would take any job! As long as it paid of course.

Although he has much on his mind as it is. Choo still wonders of what ever happened to the Orc Queen who saved him, and hopes to one day find her again to repay his debt.

Choo, CEO to the Wolves

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