Wandering Wolves inc.

Episode 1: Pilot Pt. 2

Near Death Experiences...

Shahmi Taever led the Wolves to the outskirts of Fallcrest where he was robbed and led them to a fork in the road. As they passed the path they were ambushed by Goblins and feral wolves. Although not without struggle, the group managed to overcome this challenge and defeated the ambush troop. After convincing Traevus to part with an old map of the goblin lair they venture onwards to the main entrance of the dungeon.

Upon entering they were shocked by a sudden attack by two goblins accompanied by a goblin Hexhurler. Defeating them was no easy task but out intrepid group defeated them quite handily. They scoured the room for gold but found nothing. Freakypapa also molested a horse, but descriptions of that would probably be inappropriate.

As they opened the double doors to the next chamber a cold gust chilled their bones. Choo stealthily sneaked past a pair of Kobold guardians and arranged a planned surprise attack on them. As he approached them though, they dropped their weapons and begged for mercy. The Wolves conversed with them and agreed to meet their leader.

Their leader was a young Frost Dragon whom was guarding a horde of treasure. The Wolves asked him of the mysterious box that was stolen and the dragon told them of a warlock named Malareth who lies deeper in this dungeon. Deciding to avoid confrontation, the group did their best to soothe Dragons anger towards their trespassing and came to an agreement. If the Wolves were to kill Malareth and bring his head back as a trophy, he will rewards them with a suit of armor.

The Wolves faced their greatest challenge when they entered into the room of trials. An 8×8 chessboard lied before them with large stone chess pieces placed on them. The room had a small entryway with two openings. Choo entered the room first but as he stepped on the second tile he was pushed back by an unknown kinetic charge. With that the pieces on the board began to move and lunged towards the adventurers.

Choo was the first to realize the trap that was in place. He had to move as if he were a chess piece in the game associated to the part of the board he stepped on. He screamed instructions to his party letting them know of this and a grueling battle commenced. After the pawns were destroyed our adventurers were in trouble as the stronger pieces continued to slam into them. As Freakypapa laid dying on the floor, Neek summoned a spectral image of the Sun God Pelor that chained the knight to four sides of the wall and smashed it into pieces with a mighty blow from his hammer. The encounter ended with Beard Johnson grabbing the queen by its neck and slammed it to the floor then taking the bruntside of his axe and wailed on the queen until she was dust.

The group decided that they had done enough for that day and set up camp in the trial room. What awaits for our adventurers? That is a story for another day.

To be continued…



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