Wandering Wolves inc.

Episode 1: Pilot

Intern Adventurer Wanted!

The bustling town of Fallcrest sets the stage for four intrepid adventurers to begin their journey into a world of magic, wonder and adventure.

A sleeping halfling is abruptly woken up by a bumbling human wizard with intentions of taking up a internship position in the newly established adventuring company Wandering Wolves inc. After a halfhearted interview process, the bumbling human wizard (who introduces himself as Freakypapa) is hired!

A quick introduction to the other employees of the Wandering Wolves introduces Freakypapa to Choo the crafty CEO, Neek the clerical accountant elf and Beard Johnson the hired muscle dwarf.

Their celebrations are abruptly interrupted by the arrival of their first client, Shahmi Taever an older dwarf merchant who seems to have an uncompleted quest that he had given to Choo before his days of running Wandering Wolves. He convinces Choo and co. to take up arms and head into the Goblin lair to find a mysterious box which was stolen from Taever two weeks ago.

The intrepid adventurers gather their supplies and head off into the woods outside of Fallcrest and steel themselves for their very first adventure!



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